Johnny was born and raised in a hard-working, blue collar family in Baltimore, and understands the hard work and determination it takes for small businesses to be successful in Maryland.

He also understands how federal and state regulations and mandates can stifle economic growth and job creation. Johnny will work hard to eliminate burdensome regulations and give our business community certainty so they can create jobs. He will also work to reform the tax code, both in Washington and Annapolis, to create a flatter, fairer system that promotes job creation and economic growth.

Today’s jobs require cutting-edge skills, and Johnny will work to develop solutions to ensure that our workforce meets the demands of a changing world. He believes that we need to strengthen career and technical education opportunities.

We need a voice that truly understands the unique needs of small businesses and will fight for hardworking families throughout the 2nd Congressional District.


Everyone should have access to affordable health insurance. We need a system that covers pre-existing conditions, reduces the cost of prescription drugs and allows individuals and their doctors to make health care decisions, not insurance companies and the government.

Johnny believes it should be illegal for insurance companies to increase premiums or deny coverage for a pre-existing condition. He supports lowering the cost of prescriptions drugs and believes that drug company rebates should go to the consumer, not the insurance companies.

He supports legislation that allows people suffering from terminal illnesses to try potentially lifesaving treatments. Johnny also believes we should provide health care for women and families by funding health care centers that provide critical services such as mammograms, and prenatal and postpartum care.


Johnny believes that we need to make sure that local communities have both adequate funding and the flexibility to address their particular educational needs. We also need to focus on accountability, funding only what works, and expanding parental choice. He is committed to ensuring that our higher education options include not only traditional colleges, but also provides career and technical education programs. Supporting a range of educational options will provide our workforce with the skills we need to compete and succeed in today’s global economy.


Johnny believes that protecting our national security and keeping Americans safe should be our top priority. We need an advocate in Congress that will fight to give our first responders the support they need to fight crime and prevent future acts of terrorism.

He believes that we need to increase coordination and streamline reporting to Congress among the national intelligence and law enforcement agencies so we can better prepare for and prevent future acts of terrorism. And, he will fight to secure more funding for local police and fire departments to ensure they have the resources to do their jobs.


Social Security and Medicare are benefits that are earned. We as a nation must ensure that we keep our promise to seniors by preserving and protecting Medicare and Social Security. Johnny supports protecting Social Security through reforms that do not touch benefits for low income and middle-class seniors. He’s committed to protecting the benefits that seniors have earned and rely upon while strengthening Social Security for them and future generations.

He is also committed to preserving Medicare. He supports the bi-partisan efforts to protect the Medicare Advantage Program, which provides millions of Americans coverage. He does not believe in radical socialized medicine which will equate to Medicare for None. He believes we must stand up for seniors and the benefits they’ve earned against radical socialized government health care schemes.


America’s national debt has skyrocketed to over $20 trillion. That is absolutely unsustainable. The lack of leadership on both sides of the aisle threatens our economic stability and the long-term growth of our economy.  Johnny supports efforts to responsibly reduce spending, balance the budget and make government more accountable to hard-working American taxpayers.

Johnny will sponsor a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution to balance the budget and right-size the federal government. He believes we need to make government more accountable and transparent by revealing where and how tax dollars are being spent.

Johnny is opposed to recent attempts by Speaker Pelosi and leadership to offer budget amendments to sneak in congressional pay raises. And, he supports legislation that withholds congressional salaries if they don’t pass a budget. If members of Congress are unable to carry out the basic duties of their job then they shouldn’t get paid.


One of the core functions of government is to maintain a safe, secure and efficient transportation infrastructure system to support interstate commerce and strengthen America’s competitive edge in the global economy. The 2nd District has many important economic engines located in it like the Port of Baltimore. Johnny will support bills that strengthen places like our sea ports, roads, bridges, airports, and other critical infrastructure projects that will grow our economy and create jobs.


Johnny believes that we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to America’s bravest – the men and women in uniform who served and are serving our nation. These men and women put their lives on the line in defense of our safety, security, freedom and liberty. Our Service Members deserve every effort possible to honor their service. Johnny supports legislation to reform and make our Veterans Administration more accountable, give Veterans more healthcare options and greater education benefits, and help post-9/11 Veterans transition to civilian life.


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